The Des moines Turkey Trot & 

ABove + Beyond Cancer

Our personal account of why this year's charity partner is extra important.


On Thanksgiving morning in 2015 I stood in front of the start line of the first 'Des Moines Turkey Trot' mostly in awe. An idea that had played through my mind for years had finally come to fruition. I started the Des Moines Turkey Trot because of how proud I had grown of my city. Downtown Des Moines is a thriving, beautiful place exploding with possibility and originality and each morning I walk out of my downtown apartment I feel like I've hit the jackpot. It turns out, the rest of our community feels the same way (#1 US city for civic pride), and so I set off to create an event that would allow all of us to both experience downtown Des Moines and show it off to all of our visiting friends and family. Looking out to 1500 athlete's braving the rain and cold to join in, I felt incredible pride in our community. I also felt a pain in my neck. 
Four days after Thanksgiving I would undergo a biopsy that would eventually lead to a diagnosis of stage 4 lymphoma. 
A journey with cancer is rarely fun or easy and my case has been no exception. Yet, it has allowed me to experience first hand the strength of another Des Moines creation, Above + Beyond Cancer. As an organization A + B looks to inspire the world around them through the conquering of epic feats by cancer survivors. It provides channels to learn meditation, to take fitness courses and to connect with a community during or after treatment. In my case, it made a clear statement: 'even in the face of cancer, anything is possible.'  
We cannot say thank you enough for supporting our event, and therefore allowing us the opportunity to support an organization that has so lovingly supported countless people within our community.